STILLBIRTHS GALORE: The INFANT DEATH WAVE Has Begun as Pregnant Women Continue Getting Jabbed for the CCP Virus

It’s still pretty unclear about the long-term ramifications of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus “vaccine.”

The United States vaccination program began its rollout back in December of 2020 with the goal of having 100 million vaccinated by April 2020.

In looking at the statistics from this month, December 2021, it’s estimated by the CDC that 59.4 percent of the population has received a dose of the “vaccine.”

Now that there has been approval for 18 and up to get the booster “vaccine,” even more people are subjecting themselves to getting multiple doses of the shot and protecting themselves from getting a severe form of the disease which could be fatal.

Long-Term Results Aren’t Known Yet

Who knows what the potential long-term results of these “vaccines” will be years from now?

But there are alarming reports coming out of Scotland that there has been an increase in the number of stillborn babies during the month of September 2021.

They reported that 21 babies died in just that short amount of time, so investigating why this happened became a top priority.

It’s estimated that 69 percent of Scotland’s population has been vaccinated with the CCP Virus shot.

They are up about 10 percent over the United States numbers in compliance with getting the “vaccine.”

Public Health Scotland (PHS) is the agency that investigates infant mortality rates.

They acknowledge that the rates can go up and down each month in a pattern that wasn’t alarming until now.

When the levels of stillborn deaths go up in a month at a certain number, it triggers an awareness for the public health team to start the investigation into neonatal deaths to see what the problem could be.

No one is coming out saying specifically yet that those who received the China Virus “vaccine” are more likely to go through a stillborn birth, but it is making heads turn.

Since the current rate of neonatal deaths comes in at 4.9 for every 1,000 births with a healthy baby, it’s concerning, to say the least.

The baby death rate hasn’t been this bad in Scotland since the 1980’s.

Public Health Scotland Is Working on the Investigation

The PHS is working with a couple of different organizations dealing with maternal and children’s health to get to the bottom of the problem.

They are pooling all the data to come up with recent infant mortality patterns and what might be affecting those numbers in a detrimental way.

The “vaccine” could be the factor that is causing the deaths to happen.

The most troubling part is that in looking at other countries, there are some that are experiencing the same spike in infant death rates, including reports coming in from Germany.

Plus, in that country, they have found that the infant mortality rates are normal in areas that are under-vaccinated, while in areas of higher vaccination compliance, stillborn deaths are a problem.

Hopefully, officials will be able to come up with a definitive reason as to why this is happening, or at the very least, rule out that the “vaccine” is the cause of these stillborn babies.

In all probability, more time will need to go by to see where the numbers in infant mortality are in the next few months and going forward in many different countries.

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33 thoughts on “STILLBIRTHS GALORE: The INFANT DEATH WAVE Has Begun as Pregnant Women Continue Getting Jabbed for the CCP Virus

  1. First, the Obama/Fauci virus developed by China and released on the world in an undeclared terrorist bioweapon attack, Followed by tin hat Dictators destroying all human rights. And now, the shedding of the lives of the inferior slaves who were first in line to be obedient slaves by following the dictates of the perceived Master Race Liberal Billionaires. . . If YOU bought into their genocide, you’ll find no help or pity from a FREE Man.

      • You don’t have tp tell them. They are going there anyway, but we need to speed up the process with new Nuremburg trials.

    • My sister died from the Pfizer jab, I tried to warn her, but her doctor recommended it, and her son encouraged her, he has to live with that now. Something people aren’t talking about, is all three vaccines were developed using aborted baby cell lines from a child that was murdered in 1973. Don’t get the clot shot, and if you already did, don’t get the boosters, it ruins your immune system, and every subsequent shot makes it worse. My cousin spent all summer in and out of ER, and her doctor actually admitted that it was because of the vaccine. It doesn’t even work, anyway, several of my family members have gotten Covid, after being fully vaccinated.

      • Sorry for your loss,I also lost a cousin thanks to the vaccine and they reported the cause of death a heart attack,he was 49 in excellent health

    • How has the homo Saipan species survived over its lifetime without the modern anti viral shots ? Also the animal species in the zoos around the world . Likely because of their natural immunity . The new viral shots are a bio-weapon then
      take down mankind via the deaths they have cost and in the stillbirths of the unborn !

  2. The Americans should be telling these Ass-hole NO, including the communist news media scaring the people into the unneeded shot, that causes death to babies and children.

    Tell Communist Biden to back to Hell where he belongs and quit killing Americans

  3. If Biden was a true qualified President, he would insist that there be a complete investigation of the Wuhan lab and that China be held responsible and wipe out our debt to them as partial reparations for this attack on the planet! The Wuhan lab should also be bombed and all the deadly viruses contained destroyed forever. But NO, Biden is not our true president and is definitely NOT qualified! He is a bumbling puppet of China that they put in place as part of their plan to discredit America and take over as a world power! Wake up America! We’re under attack and if we are going to fight back, PLEASE NEVER vote for another socialist democRat!!!

    • Many wonder why Biden kisses China’s butt. The answer is that China could tell the truth and ruin the jackass in the wh. We, the US funded the research and development of the virus in the lab. The dems turned it loose on the world in 2017 while Trump was in office, to make him look bad. We are responsible for it. They intend to keep this going to cause job loss and destroy the economy and personal lives of citizens. They want everyone to be dependent on gov. to control everything.

    • you got that right, covid and the vaccines were meant to deplete our numbers, Still births increasing, babies with blood clot problems , strokes, myo-carditis, pulmonary embolisms, the list of complications that we are NOT being Informed about by the corrupt CDC & WHO is horrific. IT is NEVER in our news, you have to go to the overseas news outlets to hear about what a disaster the vaccines truly are

  4. There is NO way in hell I would ever vaccinate a 5yr old and under with a lifetime ahead of them to reap the consequences that are unknown[IF the aren’t stillborn]

      • Your right Mary, It destroys ones immune system and the whole purpose of it is population control.
        The riot’s, BLM/Antifa plus turning the Biden Virus loose on the US were used as a distraction while the deep state set, set up their voting fraud scheme. Think about it, for the NWO to work 2/3 of the Worlds Population has to die off. Who wrote all those executive orders for Biden to sign, day one in Office. Why does Bill Gates have a Patent on this Virus and many others? Why rich People allowed to have a Patent on diseases of mass death! During the 50’s/60’s and 70’s our Government and Corporate America have been building underground cities and Magnetic Rail System’s for the Pelosi’s WH & Families but not for We The People??

  5. as I have said repeatedly, when you must be bribed, cajoled, and finally threatened to take a vaccine, you must be ignorant or have no common sense. all humans and animals are equipped with a built in sense of self preservation. in some more than others. and add to the mix that certain privileged people and their families were exempt from the shot, it should have triggered your instincts. you have a senile old degenerate faking a killer jab on a fake t.v. set. still, people flocked like sheep to the slaughter. there are interviews on the web of gates saying world population should be reduced through VACCINES. and you have the supposedly eminent Fauci who declares he is SCIENCE. and still people rush their babies to get this killer vax. one family lost a daughter to Covid, so they rushed their younger son in for a killer jab (in honor of his departed sister.). there appears to be no answer to the age old question of how stupid can you be?

    • This jab is being forced on the World, Austria sends in Tracers to trace down the unvaxxed? Australia has set up
      confinement camps for the unvaxxed and forcing them to take the vax to be free. Its almost like the Mark of the Beast! Whats next the Covid Passport imbedded in a chip

  6. That pic makes me absolutely want to cringe, wince, and CRY for those precious little ones. The baby to the left looks especially horrifically ill. His or her skin tone and their belly bloated UP like a basketball!! The poor thing must be in so much agonizing pain! Prayerfully the Lord mercifully takes that precious angel Home so that he or she won’t have to suffer in agony any longer.


    • Eric, IF your lord existed, it wouldn’t allow democrats and the Chinese to do this bullshit.
      As it is, since your god is IMAGINARY, it can’t do a GODDAMNED thing!!

      • God did not do this, or anything that is bad, WE DID. Its called SIN, not that the parents did anything wrong, WE ALL are born into sin. God made a perfect world and Adam and Eve messed it up by sinning against God which we all inherited that sin which has caused all the bad that happens in this world. God (Jesus) will return one day and correct everything that is wrong. Our only hope to escape the hell we all deserve is accepting Jesus as Saviour and Lord and put our faith in Him. If we Don t the perfect world that is coming we will miss being condemned to a everlasting hell. Jesus loves us that is why He went to the cross that by his awful death and blood to cover our sins in front of a Holy God, there is no other way to heaven. The awful things that happen is because of OUR sin and a condemned angel called Satan, the god of this world right now, who has come to kill steal and destroy. This will be corrected by the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ. Put your faith in Him today tomorrow may never come, and dying without Jesus in your heart guarantees a eternity of everlasting doom. God could just wink and fix all the problems in this world and carry us all to heaven, but He wants us to love Him to get there. So fixing it with a lot of unbelievers is defeating the purpose. It wouldnt be heaven any longer because the unbeliever would be bringing their sins with them and it would start all over again. Only the ones that have accepted and love Jesus will be let in. You have to be born again. This world is a dying world, but we have hope in Jesus that one day, either in death or His glorious coming we will, if we believe and accept what He did on the cross, be forever in heaven. But if we refuse Gods free offer we will be creating our own eternal doom.

        • To put it in simple terms…God gave everyone a Free Will. Thus…bad and evil things will happen. And God will never go against one’s free will.

      • God exist, and it’s not Allah! You sound like Omar who Married her Brother! This is Man’s doing and Satan and his fallen Angels. If you took time to read God’s Book called the Holy Bible God gave Man the right to choose right from wrong and tolerant evil. Democrats took God/Pledge of Allegiance/out of our Schools, replaced History with the 1619 Project and put CRT in the place of Morals. Now we see Children being forced feed they are not boy’s or girls but tranny’s. If they admit the are a Tranny then they are indeed a Hero. So, I see Douggie your indeed a Democrat since you insist God is Dead….

  7. Haha the amount of dumb people is amazing. How can people believe bullshit like this? This pandemic painfully reveals how many of these low level IQ people there actually are. Man oh man…always wonder how people believe this shit without thinking or doing some research themselves. Do you people that post this actually believe this bs?

    • Kev, Wow Since this is a Man Made Virus made to kill. Remember Biology Classes? RNA/DNA Gene Splicing!
      Obama/Biden/Fauci and their Grant to the Wuhan-Lab to develop a killer virus for the Democrats to release upon We The People….Corona a Bat Virus and make it jump to man, now lets start splicing Corona Virus which destroys organs causes blood clots, with the Sar’s Virus which destroys our Lungs, and now the HIV which causes this virus to mutant from person to person. The vaccines are BS for Vaxed people still die from Covid and Vaxed strill transfer covid to others and it only stays active for 2 months? LOL But the side effects are being hidden from us, at the rate they are leasing the data it would be 2078 before you get it.
      Look this vaccine is not a vaccine it modfy’s your DNA and who knows, look at those children and think!

  8. Kev,

    Glad that you’ve been one to be able to figure out the whole danged CCP virus pandemic thing since its spread to the United States in March of last year!!

    Now go pass your MENSA exam!!

  9. Damnit! We tried to tell you and ya fools did it anyway!
    Fauciestein is a proven liar but you fell for it anyway instead of pausing and thinking it through!

  10. How many stupid people are living among us in USA? People, don’t you get it , that this government is leftist bunch of loony liars robbing us of health , jobs and money ? If we let these democRats rule us while killing our unborn babies , taking our freedoms and the willpower to make our own decisions, we are on the sure way becoming another Venezuela ! Wake up all while we can stop this madness

  11. if you want to see what the u.s. is becoming, look to Argentina. research its downfall. we are on that exact same path, being led by the demon rat party. the comparison is uncanny. in 1909, Argentina was a top, wealthy country, self-sustaining, and exporting beef and other crops. enter communism. follow from 1909 to when it became one of the poorest countries in the world. no food, money worthless, prices out of reach, etc. wake up, America, you are on the same path.

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